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Kyla's newly painted office compared to the recently purchased home's Zillow listing.

When Craftwork takes on an interior painting project, we can't wait to see the color selections and design improvements our customers select. Amazing home transformations take more than a painting company and quality interior paint: they require a visionary homeowner excited to try new hues.

This is why we asked Kyla, who painted her newly purchased home near Providence Road, how she selected her favorite shades and what she thinks now the project is complete.

We're excited to highlight this South Charlotte paint project that had our interior painters raving over the drastic home office transformation. Below you'll see the office before, featured in a Zillow listing, and after Kyla's incredible post-paint project results.

Kyla's newly painted office compared to the recently purchased home's Zillow listing.

Here are tips, stories, and inspiration from one of our favorite customers, Kyla!

Why did you decide to paint?

"When we purchased our new home we wanted to make it our own and freshen up the space," Kyla said. "The previous owners left behind a lot of wall damage so it was really important to us that we start with a clean slate and repair and paint the walls so the home felt whole again.

Initially, we were only planning on painting a few rooms at a time but then we saw each room come to life with each coat of paint so we kept adding paint jobs to the project throughout the week!" 

Walls painted in Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball

Tell us a bit about your house.

"Our home is a 1990’s traditional home. We moved from a new build development so have really loved the character this home has with unique craftsmanship and the closed floor plan that allows each room to have its own personality which is a big shift from the common open concept plan we see a lot these days. The neighborhood offers mature landscaping which provides a beautiful backdrop outside of every window in the house."

How did you pick your paint colors? 

"I chose the paint colors for our home using a few deciding factors. The first was based on the feeling I wanted each room to provide," Kyla said.

"For example, my husband and I both work from home so I wanted our offices to evoke an energetic and thoughtful space for us. So I went with colors that each of us gravitates towards for him those are darker shades and for me lighter colors. I also based the shades of color on the natural lighting that each room had to offer.

The front of our home gets a lot of morning sun leaving the back end of our home cool and dark in the mornings. It was key to find balance in colors that brought warmth without being beige or yellow.

The most important deciding factor for me was to achieve an overall welcoming feeling in the home. We want to raise our children here so I wanted to avoid a sterile look and feel so really leaned into color even in the white color family to evoke that lived-in feeling."

Malted Milk SW 6057

Where do you go for paint color or design inspiration?

"I have a few interior designers who I love that really lean into neutral palates that are not all shades of white, who look at the home holistically, and who really lean into the lived-in look.

Julia and Chris Marcum with Chris Loves Julia moved into a traditional home in NC recently so I grabbed a lot of inspiration from their remodeling journey. I also love the work of Shea Mcgee of the popular Studio McGee line, and  Mark Sikes (designer of Nancy Meyers home). I also think that Architectural Digest magazine has a lot to offer in terms of general inspiration!"

Now the paint is on the walls, how do you feel? 

"Each room feels completely different and transformed. The home’s pallet before was very blue centric and now each room takes on its own look and feel. The brighter colors lighten the spaces that once felt cold."

What room or paint do you love the most and why?

"I cannot choose just one! I have a tie between my husband's office and our back family room. Both of these rooms were painted a shade of blue before that came off very coastal," Kyla said.

 Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin-Williams

"We painted my husband's office in Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin-Williams to really lean into the masculine feel of a traditional study. This shade from Sherwin Williams has its own personality that changes with the lighting. In the evening the bronze really shines making it feel cozy and worthy of snuggling up with a bourbon and book. However, in the morning and early afternoon, the green is more prominent offering that energetic feel you need during the day. We layered in a masculine color palate of dark wood, leather and bronze metals in the decor based on this beautiful Sherwin-Williams color.

Our family room is my other favorite. This room easily has the most elaborate fixed features with custom coffered ceilings and a wood-burning fireplace that both serve as focal points for the room. Both features are a warm white and I really wanted them to pop against the walls. Another challenge was the limited natural light this room gets given it is on the backside of our home and our yard has large, mature trees that don’t offer much in terms of natural light.

Cornforth White by Farrow and Ball

I searched far and wide for a color that was neutral without being white or beige so the decor could change as the years go on, but that would offer a cozy feeling no matter the time of day we were sitting in that room. I finally landed on Cornforth White by Farrow and Ball. The name would suggest a white color but in actuality, it’s closer to a gray with much more depth that emits coziness in both the morning and evenings while also allowing the architectural elements a moment to shine."

Advice for others struggling to pick paint colors?

"Color is intimidating and can certainly make someone feel limited in how they can style the room. However, whites and grays can be just as challenging given the variance in shades and how different they can look from the swatch. I would suggest starting out in a small space that isn’t high traffic in the home (such as a home office or kid's bathroom) to test the waters with color. Draw on inspiration from your favorite designer and worst case scenario it can be painted over!" 

Sea Salt SW 6204

How was your experience working with Craftwork?

"I loved my experience working with Craftwork! My husband and I had a completely different experience in our previous home working with painters and were very skeptical about hiring painters again.

Craftwork has really reimagined the traditional business model for residential painters and appeals to highly organized people like myself. I loved having a schedule of which room and paint color would be used each day along with the assigned employees sent to me the week before the project. The communication was unmatched and the cleanliness of the crew was amazing! We have already recommended Craftwork to friends and realtors in the area and will continue to do so!" 

Project Paint Colors

Here are the paint colors shown in the rooms featured in this project:

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Images were captured by the Craftwork Team and featured on Zillow.

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