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Sherwin-Williams Paint Color

Choosing the perfect type of paint should be easy, especially when compared with selecting the best color. At Craftwork, we always recommend the best paint type based on your project goals. 

Below you’ll find how we make paint recommendations, but it’s important to note that pricing can vary based on a few factors. The prices mentioned in this post are the current retail prices in Charlotte, NC as of March 2023. 

Paint for Rental Properties and Upcoming Home Sales

Couple moving out of their home. Photo by Cottonbro Studio

We suggest a solid, cost-effective paint for rental property owners and homeowners painting to sell their homes. Ultimately, what’s most important is a paint that provides a fresh appearance, optimizes for wall coverage, and allows for touch-ups over time.

With that in mind, we recommend:

Tip: Sherwin-Williams doesn’t display all of their paint brands on the shelf, you'll most likely have to request this paint at the counter. 

Paint for a Long-Term Home Update

When selecting a paint color you want to last for as long as possible, we suggest investing in a paint that's not only known for its longevity, but also for its easy touch up and cleaning capabilities. 

Sherwin-Williams Paint Color

Walls and Colorful Ceilings:

Tip: Keeping your ceiling white? Because ceilings don't face the same wear-and-tear as your walls, we recommend choosing a more cost-effective paint. 

Trim and Doors:

Top of the Line

Sherwin-Williams Emerald Designer Paints; Outrigger SW 9517; Succulent SW 9650; Azure Tide SW 6984

If you’re looking for a higher-end paint, Sherwin-Williams Emerald brand is their best-in-class paint. It’s resistant to blistering, peeling, fading, mold, and mildew. It also can be tinted to any color without adding VOCs. Emerald Designer Paint also boasts an exclusive collection of over 200 unique paint colors

Fun Fact: The Hollywood Sign was repainted in Emerald paint. The 9-week project took 105 gallons of primer and 255 gallons of High-Reflective White (SW 7757) paint. 

Emerald’s Designer Edition is great for painting interior walls ($100 per gallon). For trim we recommend Emerald’s Urethane Trim Enamel($110 per gallon).

No VOC Paint

Left Image: Likeable Sand SW 6058, Kestrel White SW 7516
Right Image: Peppery SW 6615, Pure White SW 7005

Unfortunately, when you smell paint odors you're usually inhaling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are carbon-based chemicals that evaporate into the air. VOCs include fungicides, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and benzene. 

If you decide to complete your next paint project on your own, you may want to purchase low- or no-VOC paint, in order to limit your exposure to these chemicals. 

Craftwork works with all of our customers to select the best paint to accomplish their unique goals, but this guide can help you understand the best paint for your project and budget. 

Disclosure: Craftwork is a partner of Sherwin-Williams.

This article includes images from Sherwin-Williams website featuring Emerald Designer Paint and example images for colors Likeable Sand SW 6058, Kestrel White SW 7516, Peppery SW 6615, Pure White SW 7005, Homburg Gray SW 7622, SW 9650 Succulent, and Azure Tide SW 9684, as well as images from cottonbro studio.

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