2023's 15 Best Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

Find Inspiration for Your Next Home Painting Project with Our Favorite Shades of Blue.


Unlike any other color, blue paints have a wide range of popular shades that can meet the needs of any person. Whether you're searching for a tranquil, airy light blue or a dramatic, masculine dark blue, we've seen dozens of variations of the hue that can add an exciting punch to your walls, ceilings, and trim.

Searching through interior designer's portfolios, home magazines, and best sellers, it seems no matter your decor or style, there’s a blue for you. If you're considering blue as a paint color in your home, here are 17 shades that the Craftwork team loves in 2023.

Pro Tip: All of the colors below can be color matched to your preferred paint brand

1. Views by Clare

This room is in designer Katherine Thewlis’s home. Photography by Graham Yelton

Domino featured this room of designer Katherine Thewlis’s home that is a playroom, storage area, and nap zone for her baby. Painted in Views by Clare, the robin's egg blue is a mixture of calming and cool, making a relaxed environment for even the littlest eyes.

2. Aleutian

Sherwin-Williams example of Aleutian SW 6241  in a dining room

This wintry blue brings works in almost any environment, with a flexibility that can work form bohemian spaces to traditional or regal homes, creating sanctuary spaces of all kinds. Sherwin-Williams Aleutian was color of the month in February 2022, but we think it's a color that will be a favorite for years to come.

3. Gentleman's Gray

Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore, featured in Domino, featured in the Lake House on Canandaigua's Library Bar

The walls, ceiling, shelves, and even the fireplace mantel at the Lake House on Canandaigua is painted in a rich shade that’s not quite royal but not quite navy. The New York hotel's Library Bar is covered completely in Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray, according to Domino.

4. Beacon

Behr's Beacon Blue, featured in Apartment Therapy, Photo by Aimee Mazzenga

This renovated 1920s home in Chicago, featured in Apartment Therapy, has a mixture of mid-century modern and contemporary designs, using decor and color to embrace modernity. Behr's Beacon, featured in their dining room, truly stands out from the rest blue hues you see on our list.

5. Porch Swing

Porch Swing by Benjamin Moore, featured in Domino, photo by Nicole Franzen

This moody color, featured in Domino, adorns a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Using the "lighting" tool on the Benjamin Moore website, Porch Swing looks completely different based on the time of day and amount of light in the room.

Shapeless Studio architect and designer Jess Hinshaw noted, "It has just the perfect amount of green and blue, and its appearance changes a lot based on the weather; it’s really dynamic."

6. Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent by Sherwin-Williams, featured in House Beautiful, photo by Emily J Followill

I may be biased on this blue hue; it's dark shade covers our home office! The above image is in an Atlanta kitchen designed by Melanie Millner, featured in House Beautiful. Sherwin-William's Sea Serpent is very moody, nautical blue and, based on personal experience, needs a good amount of natural light to really shine.

7. Van Deusen

Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore; left image featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Courtney and John Achilli; right photo by Jefery Billhuber.

After researching blue hues for 20+ hours, I can tell you Van Deusen by Benjamin Moore has quickly becoming one of my favorite paint colors. Covering the walls of Courtney and John Achilli's New Jersey cottage, featured in Apartment Therapy and shown in the left image, their blue bathroom looks like it's straight from a Lifetime movie about a boho-chic woman moving to the countryside (obviously to fall in love with a cool but painfully shy local).

8. Vardo

Vardo by Farrow & Ball, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Viv Yapp

It's tough not to be entranced by Farrow & Ball's Vardo. I found myself staring at this one wall of a 900-square foot Bristol, UK apartment, featured in Apartment Therapy, trying to describe how this paint color made me feel. I think captivated and obsessed might cover it.

9. Borrowed Light

Walls are Borrowed Light from Farrow & Ball, trim is Yorktown Greene from Benjamin Moore, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Peter Spalding; Photo on the right from Farrow & Ball.

I love the mixture of two blues in this 1940s colonial house based in Portland, Oregon, seen in the left image and featured in Apartment Therapy. On the walls, you see the light blue Borrowed Light from Farrow & Ball. The trim and doors are painted in Yorktown Greene from Benjamin Moore, making a dynamic entry way.

10. Oceanside

Oceanside SW 6496 by Sherwin-Williams, photo from Sherwin-Williams

I feel that Oceanside, which was Sherwin-Williams 2018 color of the year, was a bit before it's time. In 2023, we're seeing homeowners make bolder color choices that showcase their personality. There is no way a guest could walk past this adventurous and memorable shade in your home without comment.

11. Riverway

Riverway SW 6222 by Sherwin-Williams; left image featured in Better Home and Garden, photo by Studio McGee; right image by Sherwin-Williams.

Interior Designer Shea McGee of Studio McGee used Riverway by Sherwin-Williams in the entryway shown in the left image, matching the paint to Willow Wallpaper by Morris & Co. Featured in Better Homes & Garden, this dusty blue is simultaneously homey and enchanting. I feel so inspired by this shade, It's taking all of my energy not to steal this exact design for my laundry area.

12. Sea Salt

Sea Salt SW 6204 from Sherwin Williams, featured in the House of Hood's bathroom and bedroom.

If you're looking for a coastal vibe, look no further than Sea Salt from Sherwin-Williams. The blog House of Hood features in the shade in their bathroom and bedroom, showing the shade can truly work in any space.

13. Seafoam Pearl

Seafoam Pearl by Behr, featured by Apartment Therapy, photo by Barbie Roadkill

A departure from the other blue shade, Seafoam Pearl from Behr sticks out in this flashy, modern apartment. Owner of Barbie Roadkill, a seller of colorful vintage home decor, told Apartment Therapy she "doesn't believe in minimalism" when it comes to interior design.

14. Hague

Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball,  featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Laura Magee

This Ireland home is painted in Hague from Farrow & Ball. Featured in Apartment Therapy, the Victorian home comes to live with this deep and dramatic blue.

15. Water's Edge

 Water's Edge by Benjamin Moore; left image featured House Beautiful, photo by Paul Dryer; right photo by Life Created.

Designer Paloma Contreras matched Water's Edge by Benjamin Moore to a high-gloss lacquer for a mirror-like finish in a client's library, shown on the left image and featured in House Beautiful. The gray-blue sheen makes it looks like you're staring at crystal clear water. The storage area on the right, designed by Treasure in the Detail, shows how Water's Edge finishes in a less shiny sheen.

This article includes images from Sherwin-Williams. It also includes photography by Graham Yelton, Paul Dryer, Laura Magee, Barbie Roadkill, House of Hood, Studio McGee, Peter Spalding, Viv Yapp, Courtney and John Achilli, Emily J Followill, Nicole Franzen, Aimee Mazzenga, Lake House on Canandaigua, and Graham Yelton.

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