10 Orange Paints We Love in 2024

Our favorite orange hues displayed in real homes as inspiration for your next project.


My mother let me select the color to paint my room when I was 13. I chose my favorite color: sunset orange. While my parents likened the shade to Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, I thought it was perfect.

Two decades later, orange is finally becoming a shade beloved by more than just myself. The use of burnt orange and terracotta in furniture and decor has opened the door to using the color in more broad strokes on walls, cabinetry, and ceilings.

As earth tones become more popular in interior design, it's hard to deny the natural beauty of the shades you see in the desert, coral reef, or, dare I say, an evening sunset. You could debate whether some of the oranges on our list should fall into brown or pink paint lists, but I've decided the orange paint category has been ignored and unappreciated for too long.

Here are Craftworks favorite orange paints list of 2024:

1. Red Earth

Red Earth by Farrow & Ball, featured in Apartment Therapy, Photo by Minette Hand

Red Earth by Farrow and Ball is on the walls of this Brooklyn bedroom, featured in Apartment Therapy. The terracotta shade resembles its namesake; the red earth you would see if you were hiking at sunset in Moab.

2. Charlotte's Locks

Charlotte’s Locks by Farrow & Ball, featured in House Beautiful, photo by Luke White

Michael Maher's 1850 New Jersey home has Charlotte's Locks by Farrow & Ball on the walls, featured in House Beautiful.

St. Giles, Arsenic, and Charlottes Locks by Farrow & Ball, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Esteban Cortez

Interior designer Ginevra Held used Charlotte's Locks on the trim of her mother's California apartment, featured in Apartment Therapy. The ceilings are painting in Arsenic and the blue color block is St. Giles, both Farrow & Ball paints.

3. Fire Sign

Fire Sign by Clare, photo by Clare

Fire Sign by Clare is one of the companies freshly announced summer shades and it's my favorite orange on this list. When I think of my favorite color, this burnt orange shade is what pops into mind.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon 2174-20 by Benjamin Moore, featured in Better Homes and Gardens, image by Benjamin Moore

Better Homes and Gardens was betting on Cinnamon by Benjamin Moore to be one of the most popular colors of 2023. They believe warm, natural shades from our spice cabinet are the future (and I tend to agree).

5. Canyon Ridge

Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Garden Interior Paints, featured in Better Homes and Gardens, photo by Lazy Haven

DIY expert Nicole Wright from Lazy Haven made a statement in her daughter's bedroom by using Canyon Ridge from Better Homes & Gardens Interior Paints on the ceiling. This shade was also Better Homes and Garden's color of the year 2023.

6. Color of the Year

Color of the Year by Backdrop

Color of the Year by Backdrop has an extremely appropriate name. It was selected as the 2023 Color of the Year by the National Color Committee.

"This yellow-orange color is inspired by Bottega Veneta boots and rubber bands," the paint company said. "In a world where balls of rubber bands are disappearing, it's time we start honoring them." 

7. El Coyote

El Coyote from Portola, photo by Justina Blakeney

El Coyote, an interior lime wash paint from Portola, is featured in Justina Blakeney's fun and funky kitchen.

Portola describes lime wash as "a natural brush-applied coating that dries to create a beautiful weathered patina with subtle movement and natural color variation that softens and streaks with age." It's also a painting technique Craftwork is trained and equipped to execute in your home.

8. Pop

Pop by Clare, image by Lost Quarry

Pop by Clare is featured on the instagram of Lost Quarry, creators of ceramic vessels and cement paintings, who selected the color for the apartment above their studio. The coral and peach shade is borderline pink, but still can claim to be a lovely shade of orange.

9. Crimson

Crimson 1299 by Benjamin Moore, - featured in Curbed, photo by David Duncan Livingston

By painting the walls of this dining room Crimson by Benjamin Moore, designer Alden Miller made the room warm, inviting, and in a house composed of mostly neutrals, a surprise. Featured in Curbed, this paint shows a brilliant orange can work in formal dining settings.

10. Osage Orange

Osage Orange SW 6890,  featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Diana Paulson

Osage Orange by Sherwin Williams is used on an accent wall in the kitchen of a 1920s house in Detroit, featured in Apartment Therapy. This pure orange is a standout shade if you're looking to liven up your space.

This article includes images from Clare, Benjamin Moore, and Backdrop, as well as images by Diana Paulson, David Duncan Livingston, Lost Quarry, Justina Blakeney, Lazy Haven, Esteban Cortez, Luke White, and Minette Hand.

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