15 Pink Paints We Love in 2024

Our favorite pink hues displayed in real homes as inspiration for your next project.


I hesitated to tell my husband the color I wanted to paint our entryway. Pinky Beige by Sherwin-Williams, with the normally ostracized color right in the paint's name, can cause many men to immediately question your paint selection.

For too long, pink has been cast as a color only to be used in little girls' bedrooms. You never hear the same hesitation or doubt while discussing the shades of blue. People rarely discuss "masculine" colors as something that should be hidden in very specific rooms for certain genders.

It's time we shake this notion, and start loving and wanting to use pink hues in the main spaces of our homes.

This article features our trending pinks for 2024. You'll notice that many of our selections seemingly look more beige, purple or orange than pink. That's because when we thinking pink, our brains go directly to this bold, Barbie-style pink that is pretty difficult to imagine in your kitchen.

Swatches for 15 of our favorite pink paint hues in 2023

I am ready to rebrand this paint shade with the joys in life that it represents: the color we love in sunsets. The shade we see in our favorite flowers. The hue that lets us take a deep breath and realize we're in a warm and welcoming place.

At one point, the pink color family was believed to have a calming effect on the mind. In fact, in recent history prison wardens covered their walls in a specific shade, now called Baker-Miller Pink, because it was thought to "reduce the physical strength and aggressive tendencies of male inmates."

While studies have proven that colors won't retrain criminal behavior, there is still something to be said for the effect of using the pink color family in interior design and our built environment. I believe these shades will be appearing more frequently in hallways and living rooms across the country.

These are Craftwork's favorite pink paints of 2024:

1. Peony

Peony by Benjamin Moore, featured in Apartment Therapy, Photo by Chris Stout-Hazard

I thought we'd kick this list off with a shade that pops in your head when you think pink. Peony by Benjamin Moore leans into the current Barbiecore trend and truly makes the office in this 160-Year-Old Victorian one to remember.

In their feature on Apartment Therapy, the homeowners of this New York flat said they chose the color to fight back against the region's gray, cold winters. They made a conscious effort to give their home some “serious pop to combat the gloom,” and it looks great!

2. Romance

Romance by Sherwin-Williams, featured in Arin Solange at Home

Arin Solange painted her playroom in Romance by Sherwin-Williams. A very subtle shade of pink, Romance gives a fresh, airy feeling for a warm and welcoming room. Solange wasn't shy about using the hue either, using HGTV Home 2020 Color of the Year for both the built-ins and walls.

3. Jovial

Jovial by Sherwin-Williams, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Angela Wator

The warm, orange-pink paint color Jovial by Sherwin-Williams covers the bedroom of this 1896 Victorian featured in Apartment Therapy.

"It is the absolute happiest color to wake up to. It glows warm and orange like a summer sunrise in the morning, sweet and pink during the day, and it turns soft and a little sexy at night," said homeowner Angela Wator. "It’s a perfect bedroom color!"

4. Pinky Beige

Pinky Beige and Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams, photo by Sam Smith

The Craftwork team painted my entryway walls Pinky Beige by Sherwin-Williams and the wainscoting Redend Point, Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year. I really love this combination; it gives me nostalgia for the homes I grew up watching on family-focused sitcoms in the early 90s.

Its "Full House" warmth screams "welcome back" when you enter the room -- and I am obsessed.

5. Dutchess Dawn

Dutchess Dawn by Behr, featured on Apartment Therapy, photo by Lauren Kolyn

Toronto-based designer Tiffany Pratt painted the kitchen of her 1,200 square foot apartment in Dutchess Dawn by Behr. This purplish-pink shade looks like it's straight out of a sunset. The bold use of color in this galley kitchen was featured in Apartment Therapy.

6. Rosedust

Rosedust and Westhighland White by Sherwin-Williams, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Angela Wator

This laser-lined hallway and kitchen is painted in two-tone, with Rosedust by Sherwin-Williams on bottom and Westhighland White by Sherwin-Williams on top. Featured in Apartment Therapy, this dusty pink is warm and inviting in the Chicago-based Victorian owned by designer Angela Wator.

7. Redend Point

Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams, featured in Hanas Happy Home

Redend Point is Sherwin-Williams' 2023 Color of Year. The versatile, neutral tone works in any home trying to bring the beautiful tones of nature inside. Blogger Hana's Happy Home selected the color for an accent wall in her entryway.

"It’s a perfect neutral that has beige and blush tones," Hana mentioned in her post. "I love that it can be used with so many different types of decor. It pairs beautifully with blacks, grays, whites, beiges, creams and blushes."

8. Pink Ground

Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball, by Apartment Therapy, photo by Viv Yapp

This 900-square-foot apartment in Bristol, UK is painted in Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball. A dusty blush, this living room and kitchen featured in Apartment Therapy shows how pink can easily elevate any space.

“I’m very inspired by color and color palettes and this inspiration can come from art, illustration, travel, or anything visual,” Naomi, the homeowner, explained.

9. Christmas Cactus Coral

Christmas Cactus Coral by Glidden, featured in Apartment Therapy, Photo by Barbie Roadkill

Anna, owner of colorful vintage home decor shop Barbie Roadkill, painted her the dining room of her 1922 condo in the orange-pink Christmas Cactus Coral by Glidden.

Featured in Apartment Therapy, Anna describes her aesthetic as the “perfect combination of new and old, with well-preserved vintage features and practical modern updates."

10. Sulking Room Pink

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball is my favorite paint name on our 2023 list. If I was to imagine the color of the room I need to lock myself in to sulk, I feel like this is the perfect moody choice.

Farrow & Ball describes the shade as "not overtly pink, but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth." Sign me up!

11. Pale Jasper

Pale Jasper by Dunn-Edwards, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Margaret Wright

The living room of this historic Spanish style apartment, featured in Apartment Therapy, is painted in Pale Jasper by Dunn-Edwards. The muted shade doesn't overtake the room, allowing you to appreciate the pops of color in the decor and furniture.

12. Tuscan Terracotta

Tuscan Terracotta by Dulux (bottom), Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball (top), featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Paolo D’Agostino Bowe

The homeowners of this UK dining room featured in Apartment Therapy used color blocking to hide some of the home's architectural flaws. The bottom half is painted in Tuscan Terracotta by Dulux and the top half is Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball.

13. Conch Shell

Conch Shell by Benjamin Moore, by Apartment Therapy, photo by Sarah Crowley

This 750-square-foot Chicago apartment's living room and dining room is covered in Conch Shell by Benjamin Moore. The dusty hue reminds me of the color you try to capture when taking picture of sunsets. Featured in Apartment Therapy, the natural light in this 1900s apartment makes the pink shade feel like a hue that's meant to be on the walls.

14. Setting Plaster

Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Laura Magee

The office of the Belfast office is painted in Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball. Featured in Apartment Therapy, the beige-peach shade makes the space look like a Victorian Manor.

"It’s the perfect mix of pink and peach tones and looks completely different in various levels of natural light," said homeowner Laura Magee.

15. Pink Sky

Pink Sky by Clare

Pink Sky by Clare was selected by Better Home's and Garden as one of the best color to paint you office. The muted but brilliant shade has warm undertones. It's not only the perfect backdrop for a work-from-home call, but also perfect for any space that needs a bold statement wall.

This article includes images from Farrow & Ball and Clare, as well as photos by Laura Magee, Sarah Crowley, Paolo D’Agostino Bowe, Barbie Roadkill, Viv Yapp, Hanas Happy Home, Angela Wator, Lauren Kolyn, Sam Smith, Arin Solange at Home, and Chris Stout-Hazard.

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