DIY vs. Professional Painting: When to Hire a Pro

Painting your home can be a big project. Let's make sure it's done professionally.

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Home by Charlotte, North Carolina's Charlotte Lucas.

Embarking on a home improvement journey is an exciting endeavor, especially when you have a plethora of drool-worthy pins you've been saving on Pinterest. From Kevin Francis O’Gara to Joanna Gaines to Charlotte's very own, Holly Phillip's The English Room, we all desire a home that could be featured in Architectural Digest. But are we capable of weighing the pros and cons of DIY painting to achieve the look?

The inspiration for the Drawing Room paint color in the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Castle Collection stems from the inherent elegance and timeless style of the room itself. Crafted to reflect the sophistication and enduring allure of the space, this color choice embodies the design ethos of Magnolia Home, curated by Joanna Gaines. Photo courtesy of:

The inspiration for the Drawing Room paint color in the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Castle Collection stems from the inherent elegance and timeless style of the room itself. Crafted to reflect the sophistication and enduring allure of the space, this color choice embodies the design ethos of Magnolia Home, curated by Joanna Gaines. Photo courtesy of:

Now I'll be the first to say that I love a good DIY project. If there is a cheaper way I can achieve the look of my favorite interior designers, count me in. I have painted three out of five rooms in my house and did I have fun while doing it? Some of the time. Let's just say two of those rooms I have already repainted because I couldn't find the right color and one of the rooms is still not 100% finished. Not to mention the paint-stained tile.

As much as I hate to say it, achieving an Architectural Digest-worthy home necessitates a level of expertise and precision that extends beyond the realm of DIY projects. A professional painting company brings a wealth of experience, a keen eye for detail, and the knowledge to navigate complex design challenges. From selecting the perfect color palette to executing intricate finishes, their skill set transforms a space into a masterpiece. When aiming for a home that graces the pages of Architectural Digest, the investment in a professional painting company is not just a practical choice; it's a strategic one that guarantees a result synonymous with luxury and refined taste.

To help convince you, let's dive into the intricacies of both DIY and professional painting and why the latter might be the superior choice for homeowners in the Queen City.

DIY Painting

Variety of paint colors as swatches.

The DIY Appeal

1. Cost Savings

At first glance, the appeal of a DIY paint job lies in the potential cost savings. By purchasing your painting supplies, you have more control over the budget, making it seem like a more financially prudent option.

2. Personal Touch

DIY projects offer a canvas for personal expression. Homeowners can select colors, patterns, and styles that resonate with their unique taste, fostering a sense of ownership over the living space.

3. Sense of Accomplishment

Completing a DIY painting project can provide a profound sense of accomplishment. The tangible result of your efforts can be a source of pride and satisfaction, showcasing your skills and dedication to your home.

The Pitfalls of DIY Painting

1. Time-Consuming

DIY painting projects are notorious for taking longer than anticipated. Balancing work, family, and other responsibilities can turn what seemed like a weekend project into a prolonged endeavor. Surface preparation is actually over 50% of the job. If you have a small space, then way the pros and cons of DIY painting yourself.

2. Skill and Precision

Achieving a professional-looking finish requires skill and precision with the right painting techniques. Without the proper techniques and tools, DIY painters may struggle to produce seamless and even results, leading to frustration and disappointment.

3. Potential Mistakes

The learning curve in DIY projects often includes making mistakes. While these mistakes are part of the learning process, rectifying errors can be costly in terms of both time and money. It is difficult to master the proper paint application that is needed for your project.

Charlotte's Interior Design Influence

Kathy Smith Designs Chic Interior in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Southern Home Magazine.

Kathy Smith Designs Chic Interior in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Southern Home Magazine.

1. Charlotte's Distinctive Aesthetics

Drive around Charlotte and you can't help but gawk at the homes in Dilworth, Myers Park, and Plaza Midwood. All with its own, unique historic charm, this city boasts homes that are a testament to quality design. If your home is situated in these neighborhoods, aligning with its distinctive aesthetics becomes crucial. A professional painter with an understanding of the neighborhood's unique characteristics can bring out the best in your home's design.

I own a 1945 Southern-style cottage and it's gorgeous inside and out. With an older home, my design aesthetic had to shift as I wanted to preserve the historic charm of the interior and exterior. Some complementary paint colors I used were Lakeside, Soft Sage, and Studio Rose.

Home by Charlotte, North Carolina's Charlotte Lucas.

Home by Charlotte, North Carolina's Charlotte Lucas.

2. Inspiration from Interior Designers:

Charlotte is home to renowned interior designers, and their work is evident in various neighborhoods. I mean wouldn't we all like to live in a living room designed by Katy Smith? Drawing inspiration from these professionals means aiming for a finish that aligns with the high standards set by design enthusiasts. Achieving such precision is often better left in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Professional Painting

The Professional Advantage: Why Hire a Pro?

1. Complex Surfaces Require Expertise

Pro painters bring a level of expertise that is particularly beneficial when dealing with complex surfaces. Whether it's textured walls, ornate trims, or intricate details, a professional painter can navigate these challenges with finesse, ensuring a flawless finish that DIY endeavors may struggle to achieve with their painting tools.

2. Time Constraints Demand Efficiency

Busy schedules are a reality for many homeowners. The time constraints imposed by work, family obligations, and social commitments may not allow for the luxury of dedicating extended periods to your paint projects. Hiring a professional ensures a quicker turnaround, allowing you to enjoy your freshly painted space sooner without sacrificing quality.

3. Quality Assurance

Professional painters prioritize quality assurance and painting techniques. With years of experience, they understand the nuances of various surfaces and know how to prepare and apply paint for a lasting finish. This commitment to quality paint application ensures that your home receives a level of precision and durability that may be challenging to achieve with a DIY approach.

Craftwork painter painting a white wall with pink trim.
4. Extensive Projects Demand Professionalism

For large-scale projects involving multiple rooms or an entire house, the efficiency and expertise of a professional painting contractor become even more apparent. They can manage the logistics of extensive projects, ensuring a cohesive and uniform finish throughout the entire interior painting space.

5. Access to Premium Products

Professional painters often have access to premium paint products and finishes that may not be readily available to the general public. These high-quality painting tools contribute to a superior finish and greater longevity for your painted surface, especially for an exterior paint job.


A Brush with Professional Excellence

Choosing Craftwork over tackling the project yourself ensures a seamless and high-quality transformation for your space. Our team of skilled artisans brings years of expertise to every job, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail and a flawless finish. We understand that painting involves more than just applying color; it requires careful surface preparation, knowledge of the right materials, and efficient execution. By entrusting your project to Craftwork, you save valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. We use premium paints and tools, ensuring a durable and long-lasting result for interior painting or an exterior paint job. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction means we work closely with you, offering personalized consultations and accommodating your preferences. Craftwork does not just offer professional painting services; it's a dedication to turning your vision into a beautifully painted reality with professionalism and precision.

The article includes images from Sherwin-Williams and photos from Southern Home Magazine, Kilz, and Charlotte Lucas.

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