2024's Top 18 Green Paint Picks: Our Favorite Shades for the Year

Discover the Most Inspiring Shades of Green for Your Home Painting Project!


After being stuck at home during COVID-19, people began introducing elements from the outside into their spaces. One way they did this was by buying more plants, another was painting their home in shades of green that are popular in nature.

Admittedly, I am both types of those people. I now am a mom to 10 plants and have painted multiple surfaces in my home a shade of green. The major paint brands did not miss this trend, with nearly all of them selecting a shade of green as their 2022 paint colors of the year:

It may be a year removed, but green is still a very popular color. Below you'll find 18 green paint colors that our Craftwork team loves in 2024 (two of which I have in my home right now).

What stands out among these 18 colors is their natural shades - you're likely see colors like these in your backyard. It was driving my crazy how close some of these color swatches seemed, even though they look different when filling an entire room. To emphasize the subtleties, take a look at the paint colors lined up next to one other.

It was Martha Stewart who explained you'd be a friend of hers if "choosing between two nearly identical paint swatches keeps you up at night." Take a look at 18 inspirational rooms below and you'll see how different these greens can be based on lighting, aesthetic, and application.

1. Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 by Sherwin-Williams. Right Image: Stoffer Photography Interiors and Jean Stoffer Design, Featured in Apartment Therapy; Left Image: Sam Smith's Guest Room

Sherwin-William's 2022 Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog is one of those magical colors that can work in any interior aesthetic. The bathroom above by Jean Stoffer Design, featured in Apartment Therapy, shows how great the green can look in a powder room with matching wallpaper.

I also included an image of my guest room, also painted in the beautiful shade!

2. Card Room

Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball, Designed by, Gillian Segal, Photo by Nick Mele

If you've ever dreamed of seeing your walls, trim and ceiling in a beautiful shade of green, look no further than the office designed by Gillian Segal, painted in Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball. This natural hue creates the optimal atmosphere for working at home.

3. Green Smoke

Green Smoke from Farrow & Ball, left photo from Farrow & Ball; right photo from Simply Scandi Katie

Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball is sophisticated and inviting, evoking a memory of a Victorian Manor. The dark and smoky green can work in any space in your home, inducing calm and relaxation.

4. Intrigue

Intrigue by Benjamin Moore: left photo from Jennifer Gizzi; middle photo from Studio McGee; right photo from Kismet House

Intrigue from Benjamin Moore ties this bathroom vanity into the wallpaper and decor in Studio McGee's Ivy Room project, featured in the middle of the picture above.

The design group said, "This paint color is one of our favorites for its calming, green-gray undertones that bring a sense of serenity to cabinets and walls alike."

You can see an awesome before and after video on Kismet House's instagram of the dining room, seen in the far right image. On the left, the blog Making Pretty Space shows how beautiful Intrigue looks filling an entire bathroom.

5. Duck

Duck Green by Farrow & Ball, photos from Farrow & Ball

I've seen the image on the left as an inspirational kitchen on Pinterest for a few years now without knowing exactly what that beautiful shade of green was. After researching interior designer's favorite greens, I discovered the color is Duck Green by Farrow & Ball. More brilliant than similar shades, this paint is technically "archived" but still worth consideration.

6. Royal Orchard

Royal Orchard by Behr, photo by the Old Brand New

Dabito, founder and creative director of Old Brand New, is known in for his bold color choices. In his L.A. home, he used Royal Orchard by Behr to paint his kitchen wall and cabinets. Speaking on the color selection, Dabito said, "Greens and yellows always grab my attention first... I instantly gravitated toward the rich but calming Royal Orchard, an olivey shade that’s deep enough to still give some serious impact."

7. Pewter

Pewter Green SW 6208 by Sherwin Williams, Great Rooms Designers & Builders and Debaker Design Group, photo featured on Houzz.

This Chicago dining room, featured on Great Rooms Designers & Builder's Houzz page, is painted in one of my favorite green paints, Pewter Green by Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin-Williams describes the paint as "dark yet calming, this cool green complements natural elements like wood and metal."

8. Rookwood Dark

Rookwood Dark Green SW 2816, featured in House Beautiful, photo by Karyn Millet

This regal looking cabin-office, designed by Kari Arendsen, is covered in Rookwood Dark Green, one of Sherwin-Williams Historic Colors. Featured in House Beautiful, this moody color looks more black than green in a lowly lit room, giving a very masculine vibe.

9. Colonial Verdigris

Colonial Verdigris by Benjamin Moore, designed by Renovation Husbands

Stephen and David St. Russell, a husband-husband design and DIY team, share their renovation of their 1893 Boston Victorian home. Their parlor is painted in Colonial Verdigris by Benjamin Moore, creating the perfect environment, according to the Renovation Husbands, to "slow you down, put on a record, and curl up with a good book."

10. October Mist

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

October Mist was Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year in 2022, so it deserves a shout out. Lighter than similar shades of green on this list, the paint company describes the sage shade as "evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist creates a canvas for other colors - and your imagination - to blossom."

11. Lichen

Lichen by Farrow & Ball, featured in Architectural Digest, designed by Salvesen Graham, photo by Simon Brown

Interior decorators Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen of Salvesen Graham selected Lichen by Farrow & Ball for this 19th-century country home, featured in Architectural Digest. The color makes this historic homes sing, nodding to the home's english countryside roots while providing a homey feel for its 2023 owners.

12. Rosemary

Rosemary SW 6187, featured in Elle Decor, photo by Raquel Langworthy

Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams was color of the month November 2022. This office, designed by Christina Kim, was featured in Elle Decor's list of 15 perfect office colors.

Kim said, “I love to use a rich green paint color like Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams to envelop the walls in an office. Green is both literally and aesthetically easy on the eyes and feels natural and harmonious in a workspace.”

13. Polar Jade

Polar Jade by Benjamin Moore, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Lauren Kolyn

We're finally dipping into the blue-green shades with Polar Jade by Benjamin Moore. This color acts like a chameleon, seemingly changing color from blue to green depending on the light. The 500-square foot Toronto apartment, featured in Apartment Therapy, shows how bold color can bring smaller rooms to life.

14. Forest Green

Forest Green by Benjamin Moore, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Jessica Brigham

This green kitchen "glamazon" was Jessican Brigham's submission for the One Room Challenge, an enthusiastic forum for home enthusiasts to share the process of transforming a room. The kitchen cabinets in the 1934 Craftsman Bungalow are painted in Forest Green by Benjamin Moore.

If you aren't impressed, just check out the before pictures on Brigham's blog. The transformation shows how powerful this green paint can be!

15. Night Watch

Night Watch by PPG, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Andrew Bull

The accent wall of this 400-square foot apartment in Brooklyn, New York is painted in Night Watch by PPG to add a dramatic pop of color. Featured in Apartment Therapy, this dark greenish-blue paint is a standout in this small apartment. It's important to mention that this is another green shared that was a color of the year, selected by PPG's in 2019.

16. Juniper Breeze

Juniper Breeze by Behr; Left Image: featured in Better Homes and Garden, photo by John Bessler; Right Image: photo by Rebecca Voigt featured on her blog, Paper & Cloth

The lightest shade on this list, Juniper Breeze by Behr has a nautical, airy greenish-gray that can work in any space. The image to the left is a bathroom featured in Better Homes and Gardens. The nursery on the right is from Paper & Cloth's blog, showcasing the color in the space designed by Rebecca Voigt for her baby.

17. Calico

Calico SW 0017, featured in Apartment Therapy, photo by Carla Morrone

Carla Morrone selected Calico by Sherwin-Williams to fill her living room. Painting both the walls in the trim, she spent under $200 to paint and transform this space. Check out the before and after to see how this bluish-green shifted the tone of her abode.

“I thought I could not handle how much I loved this fireplace before, and now that it’s in a space with a backdrop I literally can’t get enough of, my heart explodes a little every time I walk into this room,” Morrone said in her Apartment Therapy interview.

18. Essex Green

Essex Green by Benjamin Moore; Left Image: Featured in Better Homes and Gardens, photo by Dustin Hallek. Right Image: Angela Rose Home

Essex Green by Benjamin Moore is the darkest shade on our list. Benjamin Moore describes the paint as, "A nearly black shade of green that inspires thoughts of historic estates overgrown with ivy."

Angela Ross, who's boy bedroom is on the right, used Essex Green on her accent wall. The shade also makes Better Homes and Gardens list for best green cabinets paint, as shown in the left photo by Dustin Hallek.

Pro Tip: All of the paint colors mentioned can be color matched to your preferred paint brand.

This article includes images from Farrow & Ball's and Benjamin Moore's websites, as well as photos by Angela Ross, Dustin Hallek, Carla Morrone, John Bessler, Rebecca Voig, Andrew Bull, Jessica Brigham, Raquel Langworthy, Simon Brown, Renovation Husbands, Dabito, Studio McGee, Karyn Millet, Nick Mele, Sam Smith, and Stoffer Photography Interiors. One photo is from Great Rooms Designers & Builders on Houzz.

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