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Craftwork is a modern home painting company that's now available to homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area

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Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Craftwork - a modern home painting company that combines high quality craftsmanship with best-in-class technology to help homeowners love where they live.

As homeowners, we know how frustrating it is to complete home renovations today - it’s manual, unpredictable, and outdated. That's why we're building a new type of service, using technology to simplify your experience and hiring our crews as full-time employees, in order to deliver consistently high-quality work.


We believe that homeowners deserve more than the low reliability standards and opaque billing practices that have plagued the industry for far too long. That's why we're committed to being transparent, accountable, and trustworthy in everything we do.

There are no gimmicks and no one sizing you up, we operate with flat-rate prices that only change with the scope of your project, not with the size of your home.

And when you partner with Craftwork, you’ll know exactly who will be working on your home before we arrive, giving you confidence that our skilled team will deliver the highest quality paint work for your project.


Our software allows homeowners to get an estimate for their painting projects in as little as 30 seconds, simply by answering a few questions on our website.

And that’s just the beginning, because we're working hard to make it as easy as possible to schedule projects, stay updated while the work is in progress, and settle payment all from that same website.

In the very near future, we'll eliminate all of the tedious and manual tasks that exist across the industry, because at Craftwork we aim to take the pain out of painting your home.


We're more than just a technology company. We believe that craftsmanship and attention to detail still matter in the digital age. That's why we're committed to hiring the very best craftspeople, and providing them with the tools and resources they need to deliver outstanding work that homeowners will rave about with their friends and family.

We're not just changing the way home services are provided - we're creating a new standard of excellence in the industry. The Craftwork standard puts the needs of homeowners first, values transparency and accountability, and believes in the power of high quality craftwork to transform your home.

Now Available in Charlotte

We're excited to be servicing homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area and we're eager to help you bring your vision to life. If you've been wanting to update your home with a fresh coat of paint - get your estimate now!

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Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

Co-founder, CEO

Tim is a co-founder and the CEO of Craftwork. He's spent his career building and supporting startups as a founder and investor. Tim is passionate about increasing access to high quality craftsmanship and building best-in-class software to streamline repair and renovation projects for homeowners.