The Best Kitchen Paint Colors For 2024

Discover the top 20 kitchen paint colors that will breathe new life into your space. From bold and vibrant to calming neutrals, find your perfect palette now!


The Best Kitchen Paint Colors For 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design continues to evolve, bringing fresh and exciting trends to the forefront. This is particularly true for the heart of the home - the kitchen. This year, the focus is on creating spaces that are both inviting and dynamic, with paint colors playing a pivotal role in achieving this ambiance. Let's forget white paint colors. Here are the top kitchen paint colors for 2024 that are guaranteed to transform your cooking space.

1. Earthy Greens

Green has been a popular color for a while now, but in 2024, we're seeing a shift towards more earthy, muted tones. Think olive greens or sage, which bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your kitchen, according to Calm Sage. These shades work beautifully with natural materials like wood and stone, and they complement both modern and traditional designs. Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore, says, "The green color family continues to be a favorite for kitchens with a range of beautiful hues that are soft, welcoming, or enveloping depending on the desired look of the room."

Sage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore: A soothing, muted sage green.
Olive Grove by Sherwin Williams: A deeper, rich olive tone.
Antique Jade by Behr: A lighter green with a hint of mint.

2. Bold Blues

A blue kitchen is another color idea that's making a big splash, especially in deeper, more saturated tones. According from interior design experts at Elle Decor, blue is "a hue that can be dialed up or down to suit your style." Navy and royal blue are particularly in Vogue, adding a touch of sophistication and depth to kitchen colors. In fact, at least six paint companies—including Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore—have named varying shades of blue as their 2024 Color of the Year. These hues pair well with metallic accents like brass or copper, and they're perfect for creating a striking focal point, whether it’s on cabinets or an accent wall.

Deep Ocean by Valspar: A striking navy blue.
Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams: A vibrant, royal blue.
Moscow Midnight by Sherwin Williams: A dark, sophisticated blue.

3. Warm Neutrals

The trend towards warmer, cozier colors continues in 2024. Creams, beiges, and light browns are all great neutral tones for a kitchen that feels inviting and homely. Local Charlotte interior designer, Laura Casey, does a great job at introducing neutrals alongside color. These colors provide a neutral backdrop that allows other elements in the kitchen, like colorful appliances or decorative tiles, to stand out.

Blank Canvas by Behr: A creamy, light beige paint shade.
Toasted Almond by PPG: A perfect balance of warm beige.
Light Gray by Farrow & Ball: A cozy, light color with honey tones.

4. Sunny Yellows

In a nod to optimism and cheerfulness, sunny yellows are making a comeback. From soft buttery tones to bold marigolds, these shades infuse energy and brightness into the yellow kitchen. Yellow works particularly well in smaller or darker kitchens where it can create a sense of light and space with its warm tones. In fact, Illuminating Yellow, was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2021.

Sudbury Yellow by Farrow & Ball: A soft, buttery yellow paint color.
Soft Marigold by Benjamin Moore: A cheerful, bold marigold.
Lemon Zest by ECOS Paints: A vibrant, zesty yellow.

5. Rich Reds

For those who love a bit of drama, have you heard of the Unexpected Red Theory? Decorator, Taylor Migliazzo Simon defines the theory in a TikTok video which has quickly gained over 800,000 views. Even Apartment Therapy has bought into this theory. Taylor explains how red is a bold hue that can make a statement when used in fashion, home decor, and even in kitchens.

Dinner Party by Benjamin Moore: A deep, sophisticated crimson.
Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore: A vibrant ruby red paint color.
Emotional by Sherwin Williams: A subdued, earthy brick-red.

6. Soothing Greys

Grey remains a popular neutral paint color choice for its versatility and sophistication. In 2024, we're seeing a lean towards warmer greys that add a cozy feel to the kitchen. In fact, Sherwin Williams has named "Upward," a soft, midrange blue with gray undertones, as its 2024 Color of the Year. These paint colors are perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist, understated look. Easy to pair with any backsplash.

Upward by Sherwin Williams: A light, warm blue grey paint color.
Homburg Gray by Sherwin Williams: A medium grey with warm undertones.
Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore: A deep, moody grey.

7. Vibrant Teals

If you've seen Mamma Mia, then you're probably a fan of teal. Teal is a wonderful option for adding a pop to your kitchen cabinet colors. It's a versatile color that works well with both light and dark palettes. Charlotte's Dwell By Cheryl has mastered transforming a space with a style that is colorful, cultured, and “life-friendly.” Teal cabinets or backsplashes can create a lively and inviting atmosphere, just as the color did for the movie Mamma Mia.

Argean Teal by Benjamin Moore: A bright, lively teal.
Renew Blue by Valspar: A rich, jewel-toned teal.
Tempe Star by Sherwin Williams: A sophisticated dark teal paint color.

The Wrap Up

In 2024, the trend in kitchen color ideas is all about creating spaces that reflect personal style while also providing comfort and warmth. Out with the white kitchen and in with the color. Whether you're drawn to earthy greens, bold blues, or vibrant teals, there's a color trend this year that will invigorate your kitchen space. Remember, the best choice is one that resonates with your personal style and complements the overall aesthetic of your home. Happy painting!

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