The Top Light Blue Paint Color of All Time

Blue is having a moment - ready to see the top blue paint color of all time?


We're about to share with you the one-stop-shop, the tried and true, the most versatile light blue paint color of all time. How do we know this? Our Color Expert. Her credentials? She's the founder of complimentary color matching tool Vishion, before transitioning to lead partnerships at Lowes’ Innovation Lab. You can spend hours searching for yourself, or you can trust our top pick for the oh-so-soothing, but tricky to pick, blue shade.

Allow us to introduce, Sherwin-William's 6239, Upward. A timeless color choice that looks good on kitchen cabinets, in bathrooms of all sizes, and on bedroom walls.

Upward: The Best Sky Blue Paint Color for a Bathroom

Upward: The Best Soft Blue Paint Color for a Kitchen

Upward: The Best Light Blue Paint Colors for a Bedroom

Upward: The Best Pale Blue Paint Color for a Dining Room

Upward: The Best Powder Blue Paint Color for a Dining Room

Oh and did we mention it also happens to be Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2024?

Nordroom, Sherwin-Williams

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