The Gift of Paint

Looking for a non-traditional gift? Purchase a Craftwork gift card for your spouse or child, giving them the opportunity to paint a room in their home!

Here's how it works

Interested in gifting a painted room?

Step 1

Pick your gift card amount. View our pricing guide to see our standard painting costs.

Step 2

Load the gift card with your desired dollar amount and we will ship the gift card directly to you.

Step 3

Let us know the gift recipient’s phone number so we know who to contact to start the project.

Step 4

In the new year, we will reach out to the gift recipient to get the project planning started!

Buy a Craftwork gift card

Amaze your friends and family with a unique gift that lasts a lifetime. Select a card value below or choose a custom amount and you will receive a Craftwork gift card in the mail!

  • Craftwork Icon$100


    Help get your friend’s project started!

  • Craftwork Icon$250


    Give a little more!

  • Craftwork Icon$400


    Cover half of a room painting project!

Standard Room Pricing Guide

  • Small Room 0-200 sq. ft. - $1000
  • Medium Room 201-500 sq. ft. - $1500
  • Large Room 501-2000 sq. ft. - $2500

The pricing above pertains to a standard interior room project that includes painting walls, trim, ceiling, and crown molding. This comprehensive price covers all preparation, labor, and Sherwin-Williams paint.


  • Can my gift card contribute to a painting project?

    Yes! We will work with whomever you are giving the gift card to scope their project and set up a time to paint!

  • Will my gift card cover paint?

    Yes, These prices include paint, prep, and labor!

  • How do you price a painting project?

    Our flat rate pricing is based on small, medium, and large rooms.

  • Do you paint other things?

    Yes! We paint interior, exterior, and cabinets!

  • When will the project start?

    The project will start whenever your gift recipient is ready. We will reach out to them in the new year and start gathering details on the project and timeline.

Want to make sure you are getting the right package?

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